Saturday, January 31, 2015

Let's Eat! //: Aviary, Springfield

|| AVIARY ||

||  AVIARY || 
Cafe & Creperie 

        After a pretty drastic change of plans, Zach and I found our selves in the heart of a city we have come to love, Springfield. The few times we have visited, I have wanted to stop into this gorgeous creperie. So, naturally when Amber suggested that we should have a girls brunch there, I was thrilled.

        To say that it was amazing would be an understatement. Aviary has so much to offer! We had the best waiter ever, Ryan! He made sure that our coffee cups were never less than 3/4s full, and was more than accommodating to my taking pictures of anything and everything. Our food was incredible! (I personally recommend the chicken salad croissant. And the crepe. Just wow.) But my favorite part was the style the cafe was decorated in. We don't have to talk about the birch logs, because I could literally write an entire post on them. Someone get me some birch logs, stat! I will most definitely be making many more brunch dates at this darling little gem. 

Make sure to check them out on:
 • Facebook here !
• Instagram : @aviarycafe 
• Or their website here!

Happy weekend, 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Home Style //: New Year Saxtons


You know those homes you see online and pin because they're so dreamy? Well, somehow one of those dreamy spaces is just a few streets away in my beautiful friend Kaila's house. Kaila and her husband Tyler are two of the most incredibly kind, generous, and talented people we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. And they're stylish. Way. Stylish. We house/pet sat for them a few weeks ago and I was loving their New Years decorations! Thank you for letting me share your gorgeous space, friends! I hope to feature more of them in the future!


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Portraits //:

Have you ever found yourself happy? I mean just truly happy.
 Pure joy radiating from your fingers and your toes? Spilling out of you like sunlight? 
That has been this week. 

        After working seven days straight, our days off coincided, the stars aligned, and other things that rarely happen and are subject to awe and wonder were also going on at the time. I am happy. Truly happy. A small cappuccino. A walk in the frigid wind when I shouldn't have worn a dress and tights, but he thinks they're pretty, so he holds me tighter as we walk from antique store to antique store. 

I want to really live in these moments. 
I want to soak in the feeling of being young & totally head over heels in love.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Cape //: "Gone Girl"


        Most of you have probably heard of the movie Gone Girl starring Ben Affleck. If you live in South East Missouri there is no way you have escaped knowing that it was filmed in our very own Cape Girardeau! We had seen "The Bar" painted on this building every time we took our frequent Cape Antique and Downtown excursions. We had no earthly idea that it would be playing a part in movie! No knowledge that the movie was being filmed at all, let alone in this town we visited so often. After the street had settled down, we decided we would stop in, have some coffee & apple pie, and try to sneak a few pictures without looking like a couple of tourists.  I think we were successful! (Except for the apple pie. They were out. On National Pie Day. Sometimes life isn't fair, ya know?)
        They actually have a official tour you can take to see all of the filming locations, but we were on a tight schedule! Maybe next time, Cape.

        I have yet to see the movie, but am incredibly interested in the book! I hope to pick up a copy soon so I can compare and contrast. Nerd alert! Have you seen it? Do you have a preference between the two? 

Happy Friday,

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Home Style //: Dining Room


        We live in 500 square feet of cozy home. More often than not, you can hear me tromping around the house begging the Lord for an extra 100 feet to poof into existence. Maybe then we could have more than a small couch and fit maybe a dresser or two. But hidden in our little house are a few corners that I love. The dining room is one of my favorite spaces. 

Colors I want for this room:
• Olive green
• Dark brown
• Navy
• Minimalistic 
• Burlap

Goals for this room:
• Stop covering the table in bills/junk mail. (Zach, I am pointing at you!)
• Eat more meals here, not in the presence of Netflix. 
• Make a burlap runner.
• Document more meals here!

Do you have an area of your home that you just love? 
What are some of your decorating goals/plans for 2015?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Shawn //: I need Grace

      About five years ago, I went to Zach's house and met one of his friends, one of the coolest guys ever, Shawn. I didn't know it at the time, but Shawn is a spoken word poet, and a good one at that. We got a chance to catch up just a bit and here's a little of what we talked about:


Q//: Okkk so for starters tell us who you are and what your passion(s) is (are)!

A//: I'm Shawn Asbury. I'm 31 and sell shoes for a living. I love JESUS. Shoes. And all kinds of music. From christian hardcore to Taylor swift. I like making stuff. And love writing poetry and lyrics.

Q//: What was your "aha" moment when you realized that you wanted to start writing?

A//: This is funny. So a girl I dated in high school actually got me into writing. Which is wild because she is a published writer now. In high school I was into tons of different music so I took an interest in writing lyrics because I had this grand idea I was gonna start a band.And English classes were always one of the classes that I didn't have trouble with. So having teachers who pushed me to actually not suck at English in school helped out too.

Q//: Your stuff is pretty awesome! We love "I Need Grace"! What is the story behind the concept?

A//: I was reading a book by Shane Claibourne called The Irresistible Revolution. In it he talks about a homeless man with a sign that just said "I need grace" or something similar. I thought that the idea of that was awesome. And how we all need grace. And Grace being JESUS. So my buddy and I actually took some random pictures in the snow around town in my hometown of Glasgow, Ky. 
So the whole concept or idea behind I need grace, is just that we had human beings are in need of something that JESUS can only provide. And though I know I have grace because of JESUS, the idea of the phrase "I need grace" is a reminder. I wrote I need grace on a piece of cardboard and used that sign in those pictures. And when we were done I put the sign in the back window of my car and it's been in the back glass of my cars since about 2007-08

Q//: That's a great realization. Now that phrase is a daily reminder to you, I'm sure. Where can we find your work/ mercy?

A//: We are on facebook and that is the beSt place to find us or follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Facebook.con/ineedgrace @shawnneedsgrace on Twitter and IG

You heard the man. GO FOLLOW.