Saturday, January 24, 2015

Portraits //:

Have you ever found yourself happy? I mean just truly happy.
 Pure joy radiating from your fingers and your toes? Spilling out of you like sunlight? 
That has been this week. 

        After working seven days straight, our days off coincided, the stars aligned, and other things that rarely happen and are subject to awe and wonder were also going on at the time. I am happy. Truly happy. A small cappuccino. A walk in the frigid wind when I shouldn't have worn a dress and tights, but he thinks they're pretty, so he holds me tighter as we walk from antique store to antique store. 

I want to really live in these moments. 
I want to soak in the feeling of being young & totally head over heels in love.



  1. Ivy forever.

    These portraits are lovely. And that feeling of pure joy and excitement for the simple reasons is the best, I think.

  2. Ivy for president!

    Thank you! The portraits just serve as a daily reminder that I'm due for a hair cut / I am so over having bangs. Save me from myself! I can't stop cutting them!!

  3. Love days like these! They seem so magical!
    xo, Emma

    1. I agree! I hope you enjoy the sunshine today! It's such a beautiful day!



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