Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Days off //: Chasing Beautiful Sunsets


There is nothing really like FINALLy achieving the look that you have been searching for! Mastin lab presets, you are my hero. I can't wait to purchase more! This summer is going to be a memorable one for our portfolio! 

Also, hello everything green and warm and vibrant! We are so ready for summer. So ready that we are prepping a "must do" list!

• Hike an all day trail
• Swim at Sam A. Baker & Current River
• Visit Lake Ocoee (Again! We love it there!)
• Run in the Color Run! (We're already on a team!)
• Read a few books, on our own time, with no pressure.
• Volunteer at a community event
• Buy and keep some plants alive
• Plan for our big move next year! 
• Work with more small, local businesses (marketing-wise).

Yes, I realize it's a little early. 
Are you crazy like me? What's on your summer "must do" list?

It was 80˚ outside today,

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Husband Style //: KC

Handsome man, I love you. 
Also, in love with these mastic presets. 

post x 2,

Saturday //: I cut off all my hair.

Spring calls for fresh starts.
Here's mine //

Happy Saturday guys,

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Be Encouraged //:

        It is finally Spring! Thank the Lord! This is the beginning season for one of my favorite things, photography. The funny thing about photography is that one moment you can be on top of the world, priding yourself over an image that you have produced, and the next you are in a spiraling depression because you see other photographers booking things while you sit at home reading a trillion things about lighting, light room, lens comparisons, and basically anything related to your personal camera. As much as technical knowledge is important, PEOPLE and working with people is where your greatest teaching will come from. Being out there, shooting anything and everything, practicing and learning as you go.

        So if you, like me, are out there and you are just starting out, be encouraged. Keep learning, keep shooting, keep making art, and one day you'll be producing images that you are incredibly proud of. Photographs that show exactly who you are as a photographer. I'm still waiting for that day, but until then, I'm going to just keep making intentional work. Putting feeling and emotion into my shoots. Getting to know people and seeing their lives and hearts.

Sometimes the greatest encourager we need is ourselves.
Don't be so hard on you, ya know? 

"The first images suck, but you've got to start somewhere." 
-David James

Encouraging myself today, 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Explore //: Rainy Day Escapades

Top & Plaid //: Thrifted
Hat //: Thrifted
Ponte Pants //: Thrifted
Necklace //: Gift from a loved one

Husband Style//:
Plaid & Ray's Tee //: Thrifted
Jeans //: Levi's (Yes..!) 

You are my forever friend.

        A man who will pull onto an unknown, back country road, in the pouring rain because he see's an amazing place to shoot, is a man I am so excited to be married to. Your growing love for adventure and photography makes me have serious swoon moments. You're handsome, you're kind, you're courageous, you're artistic, and my personal favorite, you're mine. It's still unreal sometimes. I can remember telling you often how I couldn't believe that I was dating Zach Marion. For three years we had been friends, and for three years I admired you. Eight years of loving you, first as a friend and then as a soul mate. I'm quite sure I'll be loving you 100 more. You and our four children, two cats, one dog, two horses, flock of little chickens, 2 cows, and 1,000,000 illegally owned deer, on our farm, in a cottage, in the PNW, with our family a stones throw away. 

A wife completely enamored,

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Shop Local //: Reblessed - Wedding Rentals


        Living in a small, quaint Missouri town, there are not many options style-wise when you are shopping as a bride for beautiful fine art wedding decorations. Then there is Reblessed. Owned and operated by incredibly sweet Sondra, she offers not only a gorgeous ensemble of vintage, refinished furniture and decor, but wedding rentals as well. (If only I had know when I was getting married!!) They offer many beautiful and unique additions to any modern Brides special day! 

• Beautiful antique doors back drops
• Hand painted chalk boards
• Unique cloth banner buntings
• Cake & Cupcake stands
• All the little odds and ends that make your decor completely special and you!

        Besides the obviously chic & modern wedding rentals and unique decor, jewelry, and clothing, Reblessed also offers something that is incredibly important to a me and our small town, an amazing, passionate, and Christ seeking staff! Sondra & Katie are always so sweet and professional and I cannot recommend them enough for anyone looking for something a little special for their event! Their hand painted chalk boards are appropriate for any occasion. 

If you are ever in South East Missouri, make sure you pop in and see for yourself!
& make sure you visit their website&blog at www.reblessed.net .

Thank you so much, Sondra, for allowing me to photograph your beautiful store!

Happy Wednesday,

Monday, March 2, 2015

Valerie June //: Pushin' Against a Stone

Valerie June//: Pushing Against a Stone

"Fortune teller told a tale
Of things to be done
Been pushin' my weight up against a stone
And I believe to my soul it's time to move on"

        This stanza has been on repeat in my mind these last few months. After trying for so long, I'm ready for something completely new. As a frequent traveler, it is hard for me to stay in the same place for long periods of time. Let's sell everything and move. Let's start somewhere fresh. Let's go forward and shake the dust of this place off our feet and go.

Incredibly restless & overwhelmed ,