Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Days off //: Chasing Beautiful Sunsets


There is nothing really like FINALLy achieving the look that you have been searching for! Mastin lab presets, you are my hero. I can't wait to purchase more! This summer is going to be a memorable one for our portfolio! 

Also, hello everything green and warm and vibrant! We are so ready for summer. So ready that we are prepping a "must do" list!

• Hike an all day trail
• Swim at Sam A. Baker & Current River
• Visit Lake Ocoee (Again! We love it there!)
• Run in the Color Run! (We're already on a team!)
• Read a few books, on our own time, with no pressure.
• Volunteer at a community event
• Buy and keep some plants alive
• Plan for our big move next year! 
• Work with more small, local businesses (marketing-wise).

Yes, I realize it's a little early. 
Are you crazy like me? What's on your summer "must do" list?

It was 80˚ outside today,

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