Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Senior //: Sarah

Today we wrapped up Sarah's senior photos.
I must admit that I was incredibly sad at the end of the day.

To think this little lady will be all the way in Texas when June begins! 
Oh how my heart will break. 



Thursday, April 2, 2015

Shop Local // Lemonade House Grill

| Lemonade House Grill |

        A little over two weeks ago I saw a post on Facebook that changed my life. (Really though.)  It was about this mysterious mobile kitchen that was camping out around town.  Two weeks ago, on St. Patricks day, Zach and I decided to check out Poplar Bluff's first food truck, Lemonade House Grill. It was AMAZING. (Honestly, if you are within a 100 mile radius, you should be eating lunch here.) We had the Gilberto Chicago Dog and the  Cincinnati Coney Dog. They were unbelievably delicious, second only to the Maui Burger. The burger was so good that I didn't even have the time to take a picture with our dslr. Thankfully, Zach snapped a quick one on his phone. 

Everything that they make is as fresh at it can get. That means when they run out, they really run out! You have to make sure you get there quick if you want to get your hands on whatever masterpiece they happen to be serving that day. We asked them just a few questions and they were kind enough to answer! 

Q: So you're the first food truck in Poplar Bluff, how did that happen?
A: We have a passion for fresh squeezed lemonade. Easy Squeezy Lemonade was born last summer and quickly became a popular treat for Poplar Bluffians. Transitioning to a food establishment was a natural move; the fact that it is a mobile food kitchen is appropriate for our style of menu.

Q: What made you guys want to start your own food truck?
A:  We love the attitude and festive nature of food trucks.

Q: When you guys aren't food trucking, what can we find you doing?
A: We sell Easy Squeezy Lemonades at events and festivals throughout the Midwest. We love small town festivals and farmers' markets. We are present most Saturdays at our Poplar Bluff Market.

Q: What is your favorite creation you guys have made so far?
A: The Maui Burger is quickly becoming our signature food item. But our lemonade is what got us here.

The verdict is in,
Lemonade House Grill is my favorite lunch place.
Long live local.
Long live food trucks!

Happy Thursday,