Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Shop Local //: Reblessed - Wedding Rentals


        Living in a small, quaint Missouri town, there are not many options style-wise when you are shopping as a bride for beautiful fine art wedding decorations. Then there is Reblessed. Owned and operated by incredibly sweet Sondra, she offers not only a gorgeous ensemble of vintage, refinished furniture and decor, but wedding rentals as well. (If only I had know when I was getting married!!) They offer many beautiful and unique additions to any modern Brides special day! 

• Beautiful antique doors back drops
• Hand painted chalk boards
• Unique cloth banner buntings
• Cake & Cupcake stands
• All the little odds and ends that make your decor completely special and you!

        Besides the obviously chic & modern wedding rentals and unique decor, jewelry, and clothing, Reblessed also offers something that is incredibly important to a me and our small town, an amazing, passionate, and Christ seeking staff! Sondra & Katie are always so sweet and professional and I cannot recommend them enough for anyone looking for something a little special for their event! Their hand painted chalk boards are appropriate for any occasion. 

If you are ever in South East Missouri, make sure you pop in and see for yourself!
& make sure you visit their website&blog at .

Thank you so much, Sondra, for allowing me to photograph your beautiful store!

Happy Wednesday,


  1. Everything is so beautiful, they do wonderful work. And I envy the handwriting skills, yeesh. xx

    1. It really is lovely! I was actually talking to Katie, who does all of the hand script, telling her it was more like art, not hand writing! haha


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