Thursday, January 22, 2015

Home Style //: Dining Room


        We live in 500 square feet of cozy home. More often than not, you can hear me tromping around the house begging the Lord for an extra 100 feet to poof into existence. Maybe then we could have more than a small couch and fit maybe a dresser or two. But hidden in our little house are a few corners that I love. The dining room is one of my favorite spaces. 

Colors I want for this room:
• Olive green
• Dark brown
• Navy
• Minimalistic 
• Burlap

Goals for this room:
• Stop covering the table in bills/junk mail. (Zach, I am pointing at you!)
• Eat more meals here, not in the presence of Netflix. 
• Make a burlap runner.
• Document more meals here!

Do you have an area of your home that you just love? 
What are some of your decorating goals/plans for 2015?


  1. I envy your dining area! My goal is to decorate something in our new place. Moving once a year as a kid, settling and unpacking is difficult for me when I know we'll only be somewhere for a short period of time. So please, share all your decorating abilities so that they may run off on me! Xx

    1. Well, the piles of laundry not pictured slightly to the right might make you feel better about your less than cluttered home! Let's combine our cluttered/minimal style together and create the perfect home style! Ok? Ok. Also, I have to admit that most of the items pictured were from Zach. I think he is secretly more stylish that I am!

      When you do, you have to post something about it so I can see! I'm excited to see what you decide on. Your style is so fun!


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