Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Shawn //: I need Grace

      About five years ago, I went to Zach's house and met one of his friends, one of the coolest guys ever, Shawn. I didn't know it at the time, but Shawn is a spoken word poet, and a good one at that. We got a chance to catch up just a bit and here's a little of what we talked about:


Q//: Okkk so for starters tell us who you are and what your passion(s) is (are)!

A//: I'm Shawn Asbury. I'm 31 and sell shoes for a living. I love JESUS. Shoes. And all kinds of music. From christian hardcore to Taylor swift. I like making stuff. And love writing poetry and lyrics.

Q//: What was your "aha" moment when you realized that you wanted to start writing?

A//: This is funny. So a girl I dated in high school actually got me into writing. Which is wild because she is a published writer now. In high school I was into tons of different music so I took an interest in writing lyrics because I had this grand idea I was gonna start a band.And English classes were always one of the classes that I didn't have trouble with. So having teachers who pushed me to actually not suck at English in school helped out too.

Q//: Your stuff is pretty awesome! We love "I Need Grace"! What is the story behind the concept?

A//: I was reading a book by Shane Claibourne called The Irresistible Revolution. In it he talks about a homeless man with a sign that just said "I need grace" or something similar. I thought that the idea of that was awesome. And how we all need grace. And Grace being JESUS. So my buddy and I actually took some random pictures in the snow around town in my hometown of Glasgow, Ky. 
So the whole concept or idea behind I need grace, is just that we had human beings are in need of something that JESUS can only provide. And though I know I have grace because of JESUS, the idea of the phrase "I need grace" is a reminder. I wrote I need grace on a piece of cardboard and used that sign in those pictures. And when we were done I put the sign in the back window of my car and it's been in the back glass of my cars since about 2007-08

Q//: That's a great realization. Now that phrase is a daily reminder to you, I'm sure. Where can we find your work/ mercy?

A//: We are on facebook and that is the beSt place to find us or follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Facebook.con/ineedgrace @shawnneedsgrace on Twitter and IG

You heard the man. GO FOLLOW.



  1. I love the feel of these photos, editorial is so much fun. I also love how you set up the interview, it's nice to get to know the person behind the pictures a little more, great idea!

    1. Thank you! I really like to hear the story behind the subject. For me, it makes it more genuine and real. I hope to do more in the future. It gives me a reason to go out there and meet interesting people!

    2. Yes, I wish I had your courage!


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