Saturday, January 31, 2015

Let's Eat! //: Aviary, Springfield

|| AVIARY ||

||  AVIARY || 
Cafe & Creperie 

        After a pretty drastic change of plans, Zach and I found our selves in the heart of a city we have come to love, Springfield. The few times we have visited, I have wanted to stop into this gorgeous creperie. So, naturally when Amber suggested that we should have a girls brunch there, I was thrilled.

        To say that it was amazing would be an understatement. Aviary has so much to offer! We had the best waiter ever, Ryan! He made sure that our coffee cups were never less than 3/4s full, and was more than accommodating to my taking pictures of anything and everything. Our food was incredible! (I personally recommend the chicken salad croissant. And the crepe. Just wow.) But my favorite part was the style the cafe was decorated in. We don't have to talk about the birch logs, because I could literally write an entire post on them. Someone get me some birch logs, stat! I will most definitely be making many more brunch dates at this darling little gem. 

Make sure to check them out on:
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• Instagram : @aviarycafe 
• Or their website here!

Happy weekend, 


  1. Love the Aviary. Their chocolate crepes, oh my goodness.
    I love these photos!

    1. Me too!! The crepe we had was a berry cheese cake with a flair of lemon. I'm wishing I could drive and get one today! haha Thank you so much!

    2. Thank you Rosalie! I enjoyed serving ya! Come back and see us soon.

    3. Amber and I defintely enjoyed ourselves! Thanks again!

  2. As I was scrolling through these photos, I got more and more charmed the further down I went. Seriously, this place looks so cozy, and like a spot I could easily spend a couple of hours in with good company. And the crepe! You weren't kidding about the crepes. I'd definitely go there if I ever found myself in Springfield.

    xo marlen
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    1. Right?? If you are EVER in the Springfield area, first of all, we will have coffee, and I will point you in the right direction as far as where to go!


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