Monday, February 16, 2015

Midwest is best //: Mysterious Missouri Weather

|| S N O W  D A Y ||

    It's February in Missouri, which means random ice and snow. Well, any winter in SE Missouri means random ice and snow at any winter month of your choosing. I can briefly recall those abnormally warm January days that have become an annual occurrence around here. 50˚ afternoons filled with sunshine and open windows followed by a dusting of snow that barely met the morning sun. Is this a state? Have I somehow crossed over into another detention known as.... The Twilight Zone?  (Cue intro music. Duh nuh huh nuh, duh nuh nuh nuh. Bwahhhh! Bwahhhh!) 

What ever causes this weather situation  that I can only compare to a bipolar, middle age, menopausal woman, I'm ok with you.  If you need us, you can find us here in our home. Brewing Brick and Mortar Coffee in our French press, cooking soup & chili, watching SNL, preparing to dive into the snow like the super cool adults that we are, and mainly just enjoying this mystery that is our home state.

You're pretty neat, Missouri.


  1. We've already been to the park with Tobias to play in it! You got quite a bit more than us, though. Stay warm and enjoy the snow day!

    1. So glad you three are taking advantage of this wonderful winter happening! I definitely enjoyed being encompassed in blankets and eating every liquid form of warm food/beverage I could get my shivering fingers on! haha


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