Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year//:

Here's to dreams & goals.

        This year I would like to see myself grow in new ways artistically. I would like to have space to paint, emotional subjects to capture, and to find my own niche in the beauty saturated photographic world. There comes a time in a photographers path where you must choose whether you're willing to put yourself out there and commission your art to consumer who may or may not value you, or to be a casual artist creating just for that. To create. Though I have recently upgraded my equipment to a body and lens that is used by many of the professionals who's work inspires my passion and taken photography courses that have made me appreciate photography on all levels, I have not reached a point in my own personal style where a steady, growing business could be achieved.

        I have read a lot of articles, one by a photographer whom I respect and admire on so many levels, about staying true to your style and not compromising your art for the consumer. In the editing process, I constantly hear a nagging "Is this too moody? I don't know if they'll like this..." This results in images that I don't feel truly reflect me as an artist. (An artist? Gosh that sounds pretentious.) You see the picturesque family with an overexposed, over saturated feeling. A couple with the same poses I feel are used in all of my shots. I want to grow. I want to have subjects that are willing to leap (literally) and embrace creativity and collaborate ideas. I want to see more art from local photographers! The more creativity out there, the better! That's what this is all about, isn't it? Creating images that we're proud of! In 2015 I am determined to find these people. The ones who aren't afraid of not looking perfect in front of the lens. The ones who aren't asking if I'll photoshop them to be skinny. 

It's 2015.
They're out there and I intend to find them.
I intend to find me.


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