Sunday, January 11, 2015

7º + wind //:

We took a short day trip to Springfield.
We hung out with 
Amber & Josh 
Aimee & Laramey.
It was grand.

        Getting to spend time with muh girl Amber was one of my favorite parts of of the whole day. She's game for anything. We spent the night chatting away over photography, art, and our possible transition to Springfield. Also, after me hinting for an entire day, we trekked down town to try and calm my endless need for donuts at Hurts.  There were andes mint, butterfingers, animal cracker, samoas, and a festive donut hole at our table (I was the only one with two. Fatty status.) and all were nothing short of delicious. I think if we move to Springfield I will eat donuts everyday and gain a million pounds.

And then this stranger decided to join us.
Stay weird, Springfield.

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