Friday, May 29, 2015

Portraiture //: Joy & Jeremy

 | Joy & Jeremy |

Can you believe that it's Friday?? 

        Last Tuesday we spent the entire day in St. Louis dodging harsh, direct sunlight for Joy's portrait session. There is, however, one thing that I love about those long hours where the sun is in its full glory, indoor portraits. Somewhere unique with large windows and loads of natural light. 

We found ourselves at Blueprint Coffee. Their space is just glorious & their coffee can't be beat,  (Craving another iced latte as I type this!) but most of all it was filled with natural sunlight.  We're talking giant windows, subway tile, natural wood tables, giant windows, and award winning baristas. Heaven. 

Do you have any dream spots you'd love to photograph in?



  1. I love these, and they are adorable! <3<3
    Window light is the dreamiest, Lord give me a studio with white walls and huge windows.

    1. Thank you, Katie!! I definitely agree!

      What a dream that would be! Yes, all white walls and ALL the natural lighting!!!


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