Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Clothing //: Four & a Half Years a Favorite

(Insert Degree Deodorant joke here^) 

Zachary bought me this perfectly simple grey dress for my 19th birthday.
It continues to be my favorite and a staple in my shrinking wardrobe.

      I am in the process of eliminating a lot of unneeded belongings from my life, clothing being the most overwhelming. While combing the internet for ways that I could minimize my closet and clutter I came across an idea that I absolutely love, capsule wardrobes. (If you haven't heard of it, look it up! It's a grand guideline to basics that you can mix and match. Thanks Pinterest!!) 

Things I am currently keeping/ trying to purchase
• grey, black, white, cream, & navy
• Stripes, solids, & heathers
• simple tops: sheer, cotton, button-ups
• skinny knit black pants, dark denim, boyfriend jeans, black dressy shorts
• leather clutch & large cognac bucket purse 
• leather sandles, dessert booties, black grey & brown flats
• Solid dresses, neutrals or pastels
• Denim shirts, dresses, shorts, skirts, underwear (kidding...!)

If you had to narrow it down, what would you not be able to live without??
Are you a neutrals gal, or does color rule your wardrobe?

Keeping what matters, 


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