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Over the past 4 years, Zach and I have eaten a less than healthy diet. Some of us gained a little and both of us felt like, pardon my bluntness, crap. Over the past 6 months we have cut out almost all processed foods. (Sweets are still my vice. Chocolate, why ya gotta taste so good??) Ingridients. You would not believe the kind of things that are in the day to day shopping cart. We made a decision that we would not buy anything with high fructose corn syrup or an excess amount of sodium. High blood pressure runs in both of our families and added salt isn't something that we want to be consuming. 

Here are a couple tips to help cut some of these health affecting ingredients at a minimum:

1. Buy frozen vegetables.
I thought that eating canned vegetables was making me some kind of health conscious expert. Wrong. Check out that sodium! Also, there are often added preservatives.

2. Buy fruit. LOTS of fruit!
(But be conscious of high sugar fruits if you have diabetic tendencies.) 

3. Use lemon, garlic, and onion on your meat!
"But without salt or seasoning my meat will be bland!" Wrong! Lemon, onion, garlic, lime, chili powder, orange, apricot, the possibilities are endless! You can find so many different ways to flavor your food without over processed, sodium filled spice bottles and sauces! Get creative!

4. Eat more green!
(Yes, more than just green beans!)
We're talking spinach, kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts, leafy lettuce. It's ALL good!!

5. Limit dairy.
This is the one I struggle most with.
Want clear skin? Cut out cheese/milk/yogurt and switch to spinach and eggs and soy milk!! Plus, you have to increase your fiber when you eat cheese, or uncomfortable results are sure to follow! 

6. No more red meat.
If you love your heart, don't eat red meat. "But the protein!' Shhh. Almonds, friend, almonds.
Chicken, pork, turkey, fish. That's where it's at. I don't remember the last time we bought ground beef or any kind of beef.

7. Stop eating out.
"But it's chicken!" 
And you're still at McDonalds. Check out the sodium levels and you'll be surprised to find that your "healthy option" is worse than a burger. Eating out is convenient. That's why you like it. It doesn't taste better than a well thought, home cooked, health conscious lunch. Let's be real and consider that making a sandwich is not that hard. Make time for food. It's important!

8. Butter.
Remember dairy. Butter is dairy. Just don't.
There are healthy alternatives in baking! Check it out!
Margarine too. Do your self a favor and just don't!

Happy healthy eating!!
Also, I might add that this is not a weight loss post, just a "you get one body! Take care of it!" post!

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