Sunday, November 9, 2014

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Life can throw some crazy situations at you. Things that one would like to avoid. Death, struggles at work, and difficult relationships can leave you drained... or it makes the good things in your life so much better. The latter is how I have felt lately. In contrast to the rough moments that decided to fall right into my lap this month, I have found inspiration in the life that is surrounding me. Though Zachary and I have been busy, we are making time for things that recharge our batteries. Visiting good, uplifting, totally normal friends. You know those people who you can just be your boring old self with, make fun of awful movies, and devour a sinful amount of baked goods with?  We have taken time to be out in nature and explore the surrounding area when we are out photographing friends and new clients.  Just taking time to relax and enjoying each other! Going to the movies, discussing books and poetry, and just enjoying each others company is my favorite. Being married to your best friend is the most amazing thing ever.

Today we explored the state line of Arkansas in a small community called Current View. Can't wait till this summer when we can kayak and swim with our good friends! We photographed Hannah in and around her home on the beautiful Current River.

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